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Articles of interest for immediate or scheduled publishing.

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Each blog post is researched and relevant to the sector or industry of your organization.  The article is intended to inform and interest website visitors for the purpose of encouraging return visits and to develop a following.  The topic matter is of current interest and value.

Release packages are often written as a series or grouped as two part articles.  Interesting the reader while informing there is more to come invites them to return.  Articles are scheduled for release twice a month which encourages more frequent search engine indexing as the new content gets introduced.

Every article is optimized for page title and description to accommodate and satisfy the indexing parameters of the various search engines.

When interest is fed it always returns

Each article includes:

  • 250 to 350 words length
  • featured image
  • additional media as required
  • block quotes
  • bullet or number lists as required
  • search engine optimized
  • scheduled publish date when required